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Watch the latest items on the Worldbytes internet television channel including a report on how Mumbai is embracing consumerism, an item challenging sustainable development and a defence of the freedom to film in public.

Back in action

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5 Nov 2009

After a three week break I am getting back into blogging. Once I receive comments from my publisher I also will have to rewrite my book manuscript by the end of the month. So far the links I have found are as follows. If you think I have missed anything particularly important while I have […]

Perhaps the biggest change in growth scepticism in the three years since I started writing this blog is the more overt character of Malthusianism. Openly expressing fears about overpopulation has become a mainstream preoccupation rather than confined to the fringes. Best-selling authors such as Thomas Friedman and Jeffrey Sachs have no compunction about talking about […]

The latest Worldbytes programme by Worldwrite is available online. I was particularly struck by the chill out desk item by Joe Kaplinsky on deforestation – a problem which obsesses the like of campaigners such as Prince Charles. Kaplinsky presents the problem as a symptom of a lack of rural development in contrast to the green […]

Rob, a Worldwrite volunteer, has generously set up an RNS feed for this site. It can be found at:

Highlights of my appearance at the Battle of Ideas 2008 can now be viewed on the latest Worldbytes programme (see 30 October 2008 post). I appeared on a panel on “Growing pains: the pros and cons of economic dynamism” alongside, among others, Martin Wolf of the Financial Times and Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge University.

The last programme in the series of the BBC Radio 4 Iconoclasts programme looked at the debate around third world sweatshops. Jagdish Bhagwati, a professor of economics at Columbia University, argued that sweatshops should not be criticised for paying poor wages although he conceded it was wrong to have poor working conditions. He emphasised that […]

Worldwrite’s latest Worldbytes television programme includes an item with me talking about global inequality. Other stories include challenging China bashing, a scientist talks about waste and an alien’s take on carbon footprints.

Worldwrite has launched its Worldbytes television channel (see 28 August post). The first programme includes an item with me talking about poverty in London.

Worldwrite is to launch an online monthly video news channel called Worldbytes at 7pm (London time) on Friday 5 September. More details to follow but it promises to be a must watch programme with its staunchly pro-development stance and irreverent attitude to growth scepticism.