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I will be debating the efficacy of trade versus aid in development at the Durham Union Society this coming Friday.

I will be speaking at the Battle of Ideas satellite debate on “Trade or Aid?” in Oslo on Thursday 7 November.

This is my Fund Strategy Perspective column for 5 March. Last week’s column examined the relationship between the eurozone crisis and China. This week the focus will shift to the connection between the region and America. The subject is particularly poignant given last week’s refusal by the G20 group of finance ministers to contribute more […]

This is my regular weekly Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. Given how hard Britain is finding it to escape from its economic morass, it is strange that the economic solutions sound so easy. GDP is still substantially below its peak in the spring of 2008, before the financial crisis really hit, despite two years […]

No “articles of note” for a while and then two come along at once: Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on, the Australian, by Oliver Marc Hartwich. A critique of environmentalism’s worship of nature. Fair trade does not help the poor, report says, Daily Telegraph, by Harry Wallop. Discusses a report from the Institute […]

My latest article, on the western media’s perverse support for class struggle in China, is live on spiked.

The best economics programme I have seen for ages was narrated by a poet and billed as a science offering. The BBC’s Box That Changed Britain looked at how containerisation has enabled a huge increase in international trade. Putting cargo into containers made the transport of cargo by sea far more efficient. Dock workers no […]

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. It is easy to become so focused on someone else’s problems that you fail to grapple with your own. That is a lesson that the West’s leaders, fixated with China, would do well to learn. No doubt China has its faults. It is arguably keeping its […]

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. No doubt the G20 summit of world leaders in Pittsburgh will come out with a pious declaration about the need for international cooperation. Most likely too it will blame the bankers for the economic crisis of the past year. But it will skirt over some of […]

There is probably more cant written and spoken about free trade than most other subjects. Everyone proclaims support for its ideals while curtailing it in practice. Admittedly protectionism does not always, or even generally, take the traditional form of tariffs. There are numerous ways that countries and economic blocs protect their domestic economies against others, […]