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Given the furore about Benefits Street, Channel 4’s fly-on-the-wall TV documentary series, it was interesting to hear the statistics on benefits cited in the BBC Radio 4’s latest More Or Less programme. Evidently the widely reported claim that 90% of those living on Birmingham’s James Turner Street, as featured in the documentary, are on benefits […]

Jacob Hacker of Yale attempts to explain the sometimes bewildering concept of predistribution on this BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme. I ask a question at about 14 minutes.

Today I appeared on CBC’s The Current to discuss the future of the International Monetary Fund (see second post of 29 May). You can listen to the recording here.

The BBC’s Radio 4 Analysis programme on the Austrian school of economics is well worth listening to. Jamie Whyte, a management consultant and former philosophy lecture, takes a look at this ultra-free market school of economics whose most famous thinker was Friedrich Hayek.  Such economists object even to the existence of central banks as well […]

There have been several high profile items on happiness in the British media recently. This is probably partly to do with the imminent launch of Action for Happiness (previously to be know as the Movement for Happiness) and partly because of the nonsense idea that 26 January is the unhappiest day of the year (See […]

How a different America responded to the Great Depression, Pew Research Center, by Jodie T Allen. Opinion poll evidence suggests Americans were more optimistic in the late 1930s than they are now. A Czar is born, Claremont Review of Books, Joseph Postell. A review of books by Cass Sunstein including Nudge. Matt Ridley on technology, […]

Radio listeners outside Britain can now listen to the BBC World Service version of Peter Day’s “Growing Pains” programme featuring me as the voice of growth.

Tim Jackson has written a new blog post in the exchange following our debate at the recent Battle of Ideas conference. Please feel free to respond on the Earthscan site. I plan to write my response within the coming week and post it on this blog. The two of us are also appearing, among others, on […]

I will be in the first episode of the new series of the BBC Radio 4 In Business programme to be broadcast at 8.30pm on Thursday and repeated 9.30pm on Sunday. It will look at the debate about economic growth. The programme will also be available to listen to on the internet and downloadable on […]

The latest programme in the BBC World Service’s One Planet series – a useful way of following environmental debates – was on the “taboo” subject of population. For me two things stood out: * John Guillebaud of the Optimum Population Trust was anxious to come across as an egalitarian and an opponent of coercion. He […]