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Barack Obama argued during the presidential campaign that some economic growth should be sacrificed for fairness according to this blog post on the Forbes website. The remarks were evidently made last year during an interview with Charlie Gibson of ABC news. Unfortunately I cannot find an original source to verify this claim.

Der Spiegel, a leading German newsmagazine, has recanted three weeks after attacking Barack Obama’s record on climate change (see 17 November post). According to an editorial by Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff argues: “Obama has done all that a single person can possibly do. He has become the greenest president his country has ever seen.” However, it maintains […]

An interesting article in Time magazine on what it calls “a responsibility revolution” among American consumers. After describing how companies, even including Walmart, are becoming more “responsible” it goes on to discuss the attitudes of American consumers. “Our poll found Americans divided pretty evenly into three categories we’re calling the Responsibles, the Toe Dippers and […]

It is hard to work out what to make of the resignation of Van Jones as Barack Obama’s adviser on green jobs. In my Fund Strategy cover story of 2 March I described Jones as a key intellectual influence on the drive to implement a green new deal. This followed some flattering portraits of him […]

Until I read this article in the New York Times I had not realised the relationship between the Obama administration and a key environmental formula. Evidently the IPAT formula – which holds that environmental Impact = Population multiplied by Affluence multiplied by Technology – was devised by John Holdren, a physicist and Barack Obama’s science […]

Another tantalising glimpse of Barack Obama’s growth scepticism. In his joint press conference with Gordon Brown this week he said: “In some ways the world has become accustomed to the United States being a voracious consumer market and the engine that drives a lot of economic growth worldwide. And I think that in the wake […]

An excellent article in Forbes by Joel Kotkin, presidential fellow and director of the urban futures program at Chapman University, on how environmentalism creates shortages: “the new scarcity does not simply advocate humane ways to deal with shortages, but seeks to exacerbate them intentionally. This reflects a doomsday streak in the contemporary environmental ethos – […]

A tantalising glimpse into Barack Obama’s growth scepticism in the form of a review of books by and about Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), a Protestant theologian and Christian socialist, in the New York Review of Books. * Obama has described Niebuhr as “one of my favourite philosophers. The rest of the quote from an interview in […]

There is probably more cant written and spoken about free trade than most other subjects. Everyone proclaims support for its ideals while curtailing it in practice. Admittedly protectionism does not always, or even generally, take the traditional form of tariffs. There are numerous ways that countries and economic blocs protect their domestic economies against others, […]

Just came across a report on Green Jobs (PDF) produced by Worldwatch Institute and published by the United Nations Environment Programme in conjunction. The project was in conjunction with the International Labour Organization, International Organization of Employers and International Trade Union Confederation. With the inauguration of Barack Obama as president the Green New Deal has […]