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This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. The Arab spring that erupted late last year reintroduced the concept of political risk to emerging economies. For many years western investors were almost solely interested in the business and market prospects of the countries in which they invested. They paid little attention to the potential […]

Some interesting facts but misleading comparisons in yesterday’s Financial Times comment on youth unemployment: “High youth unemployment is not just a North African problem. The looting that ravaged English cities last week happened in a country where one in five young people is jobless. The picture in the US is no better. In continental Europe […]

I do not intend to turn this into a Middle East blog (see 6 June post) but this survey by Williams & Associates of Massachusetts includes fascinating opinion poll data on Egypt: 89% of Egyptians say the country is going in the right direction. 49% see the current economic situation as very bad and 32% […]

My recent article on the causes of the Arab Spring has appeared on the RealClearWorld website (the sister portal of RealClearMarkets).

A link to my Arab Spring article has appeared on the Middle East Clarity website. The new site is a valuable portal for anyone trying to follow political developments across the region.

There follows the opening paragraphs to my Fund Strategy cover story on the Arab Spring. The full article is available here Rising numbers of educated youth, surging food prices and a crisis in the legitimacy of regimes stoked unrest in Arab countries. But the region faces uncertainty and the process of change is likely to […]

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17 Apr 2011

Rather than apologising again for my lack of posting I thought it would make more sense to write a note on what I have been doing. After focusing for several years on the theme of growth scepticism – albeit one that incorporates many subjects under its umbrella – I am working on lots of shorter […]

This is a belated attempt by me to start to grapple with recent events in the Middle East. Although it is written for a financial audience it should be of more general interest. It appeared as a news analysis in the latest edition of Fund Strategy. Although finance professionals may not want to discuss it […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. Order or freedom? The question is particularly sharply posed at times like this. In response to the wave of protests in the Middle East the rich and powerful have typically opted for order. They may rhetorically support democracy but their desire for stability tends to be overwhelming.??This […]

It has nothing to do with growth scepticism but readers might be interested in my spiked article on the transformation of the Israel-Palestine conflict over the past two decades.