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This Perspective column was first published in Monday’s edition of Fund Strategy. Will automatic enrolment into pensions schemes help Britain meet the challenge of an ageing population? Understood properly the answer should be a resounding “no”. There is a fundamental flaw in the way the question is posed. It embodies the incorrect assumption that demographic […]

This Perspective column was first published in Monday’s edition of Fund Strategy. Substantial rises in food prices tend to bring out the worst in today’s generally green-tinged market pundits. Typically they issue doom-mongering warnings about the dangers of rising population and greater prosperity before advising investors how to take advantage of the situation. This is […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy Is your relatively affluent lifestyle depriving a poor person of food? That in effect is the accusation from Britain’s leading science body. The Royal Society has published a report called People and the Planet warning that global population should be stabilised and western living standards curtailed. Given […]

My blog post published by the Independent today. When the world’s population reaches seven billion in late October it should be a cause for immense celebration. Not only has the population increased seven-fold since 1800 but we have become enormously better off through economic growth and technological innovation. On average we live much longer, are […]

Novo, a German magazine, has published an article by me arguing that achieving a global population of seven billion is a reason to celebrate. Below is my original English text. It is a safe bet that there will be an outpouring of anxiety as the world approaches the date when its population is estimated to […]

I will be taking part in the great population debate in Berlin on Wednesday evening. Everyone is welcome to attend. The event will be in English.

I will be giving speeches in Germany and Greece in two satellite events for this year’s Battle of Ideas festival in London.  On the evening of Wednesday 12 October I will take part in the “great population debate”  in Berlin and on the evening of Tuesday 25 October I will speak on  “Is Greece ready […]

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9 Jan 2011

I have spent the past two weeks or so taking a break and thinking about future plans. More on the latter when the arrangements are firmer but my immediate priority is my debate in Birmingham on Tuesday evening. In the meantime there follows some interesting references I have stumbled across in the past few days: […]

What resource curse?, Foreign Policy, by Charles Kenny. A development economist argues against the idea that the discovery of resource wealth is a “curse” for the country involved. New mission for US military: break its dependence on oil, Yale Environment 360, by Louis Peck. The American military is investigating ways to conserve energy and develop […]

Microfinance – the provision of small loans to the poor – is in crisis. Anyone who is in any doubt should listen to the words of Sheikh Hasina Wajed, the prime minister of Bangladesh, as quoted (registration required) in yesterday’s Financial Times: “Microlenders make the people of this country their guinea pig,” she said. “They […]