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Rather than discuss Britain’s riots in general terms I want to focus here on the explanations that relate to the themes in Ferraris for All. That is to look at the arguments that blame the riots on inequality, poverty, public spending cuts, greed and similar factors. I should emphasise that my critique of economic explanations […]

Yesterday’s Financial Times included two features praising the German labour market. Maurice Glasman, a Labour peer, and Duncan Weldon, an economist, lauded the German system in which workers have accepted reductions in their working hours. Ralph Atkins and Matt Steinglass described how unemployment rates in Germany and the Netherlands have remained relatively low thanks to […]

Yesterday’s Resolution Foundation report on the failure of economic growth to benefit Britons on low and medium incomes, although flawed, is well worth reading. Missing Out by Matthew Whittaker and Lee Savage uses conventional economic analysis to identify the relative winners and losers from economic growth. The report’s headline finding is that: “In 1977, of […]

This week’s Fund Strategy cover story by Ben Hunt looks at the debate about falling living standards in the western world.