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Icfai Books in Hyderabad, India, has published Prosperity Index, a collection of articles including my January 2007 spiked essay arguing “There is no paradox of prosperity”. It is edited by Asha B Joshi, a faculty associate at the Icfai Business School Research Centre in Ahmedabad.

It seems that British documentary film-makers are becoming obsessed with cheap labour in India. After the awful Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts on BBC (see 18 April 2008 and 14 May 2008 posts) it seems that Panorama has a programme on the topic next week while Channel 4 is planning one entitled The Devil Wears Primark […]

The following comment by me appeared in yesterday’s issue Fund Strategy. Only a few years ago the emerging markets were considered suitable only for the young and adventurous. The average investor would have at most a few per cent of emerging market stocks in his portfolio. Times are changing fast. In recent months Fund Strategy […]

The current discussion of the Tata Nano, India’s “people’s car”, reminds me of the brilliant “sculptor” advert by Peugeot a few years ago for its 206. Whoever made the commercial, with a catchy backing track by Bhangra Knights, caught the popular aspiration for a better life in a clever and witty way. Only as an […]

The following comment by me appeared in yesterday’s issue Fund Strategy. If demography was key then Zimbabwe, with a median age of only 20.3 years, according to the Central Intelligence Agency, would be a haven of prosperity. Yet it is Africa’s worst-performing economy by far. India, too, would have been more dynamic in the past […]

I was planning to watch The Devil Wears Primark, yet another documentary on Indian sweatshops (see posts of 18 April 2008 and 14 May 2008), on Channel 4 this evening. However, despite being trailed last week, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the TV listings. Perhaps satanic forces associated with the cheap clothes retailer […]

It is becoming increasingly clear how mainstream concern for labour standards has become (see 6 May 2008 post). It used to be the case that radicals would typically support workers in their struggles against employers. Today self-appointed defenders of labour standards seek to protect employees against greedy companies. In the past it was about expressing […]

Ceri Dingle of Worldwrite has previewed a BBC documentary series on six fashion designers who visit India to work for firms producing clothes for the British high street. Evidently the young British brats cannot even sew straight and are contemptuous of Indians. The views of the Indian clothing workers are not even represented on screen. […]

An international opinion poll conducted in 20 countries by GfK Research on behalf of the Wall Street Journal Europe shows how gloomy contemporary opinion tends to be. According to the main article in Friday’s (7 December) Weekend Journal Europe: “the most surprising detail of the survey statistics was the overall negative outlook. “It is striking […]

Today’s Fund Strategy includes a comment by me on the revision of statistics on the size of Chinese and Indian economies. Last week’s biggest economic news got hardly any attention. Both China and India are about 40% smaller than they were. Also global economic growth was half a percentage point less than previous assumed. Never […]