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For those who are interesting I have written just had an article on the economic and financial transition of emerging markets in IPE magazine (free registration needed to read). However, I have not pasted the text here as it reflects the views of the interviewees more than my own.

Some seriously bad news broke last week yet it received a tiny fraction of the attention the British media devoted to horsemeat. It looks like Indian economic growth is slowing down. This trend has serious implications not only for India’s population of 1.2 billion but for the entire world economy. According to figures from the […]

Ferraris for All is a top five book this week on; the website of one of India’s leading business dailies.

Over-rated: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Standpoint, by Jamie Whyte. Ten key aspects of developed economies, post recession, UK After The Recession blog, by Rob Killick. Does microfinance reduce poverty? An analysis of India’s crisis, Brookings, by Arvind Panagariya. The foie gras police, Wall Street Journal Europe, by Kirk Leech. Two cheers for nature, the Chronicle Review, […]

Microfinance – the provision of small loans to the poor – is in crisis. Anyone who is in any doubt should listen to the words of Sheikh Hasina Wajed, the prime minister of Bangladesh, as quoted (registration required) in yesterday’s Financial Times: “Microlenders make the people of this country their guinea pig,” she said. “They […]

Avoid US route: Indian minister says American way is ‘recipe for disaster’, the Guardian, by Jason Burke. Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, tells the British newspaper that Indians should not aim for an American lifestyle. How to live with climate change (subscription may be required), the Economist.  The Economist argues that the best protection […]

I am delighted that GQ India has reviewed Ferraris for All on its website. Given the book’s cover image, as well as the size and importance of the Indian market, it would have been a great pity if it received no coverage in the sub-continent.

The more, the better, Wall Street Journal, by Joel Kotkin. Response to Arundhati Roy, Kafila, by Jairus Banaji. (see 28 February 2010 post). The thrill of science, tamed by agendas, New York Times, Edward Rothstein. Searching for water under the sands of Saudi Arabia. Spiegel, by Samiha Shafy. Scientists call for ‘climate intervention’ research with […]

An example of the growth scepticism of Arundhati Roy, a leading Indian writer and social campaigner, in an article in Outlook India. Roy moves from criticising the Indian government’s repressive military campaign against “Maoists” in Orissa (which she suggests is actually against indigenous people), to a discussion of the vested interests of mining companies in […]

Watch the latest items on the Worldbytes internet television channel including a report on how Mumbai is embracing consumerism, an item challenging sustainable development and a defence of the freedom to film in public.