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This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. In the last issue of Fund Strategy (7 August) this column argued that many criticisms of GDP are disingenuous. Such detractors merely point out that it does not incorporate other measures such as inequality or happiness. Yet there are already ways of measuring these other phenomena. Such […]

I have an article in the Guardian’s “big ideas” series on EF Schumacher’s notion of “small is beautiful”.

A reminder that I will be debating happiness at a Battle of Ideas satellite event in Athens next Tuesday evening.

This video features me debating Mark Williamson, the director of Action for Happiness, on the Worldbytes citizen TV channel. The presenter is Luke Gittos.

I will be giving speeches in Germany and Greece in two satellite events for this year’s Battle of Ideas festival in London.  On the evening of Wednesday 12 October I will take part in the “great population debate”  in Berlin and on the evening of Tuesday 25 October I will speak on  “Is Greece ready […]

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17 Apr 2011

Rather than apologising again for my lack of posting I thought it would make more sense to write a note on what I have been doing. After focusing for several years on the theme of growth scepticism – albeit one that incorporates many subjects under its umbrella – I am working on lots of shorter […]

There have been several high profile items on happiness in the British media recently. This is probably partly to do with the imminent launch of Action for Happiness (previously to be know as the Movement for Happiness) and partly because of the nonsense idea that 26 January is the unhappiest day of the year (See […]

Branko Milanovic on economic inequality between nations and peoples, the Browser, interview by Anna Blundy. The author of a new book on inequality and World Bank economist recommends books by John Rawls, John Hobson, Angus Maddison, Paul Bairoch and Aldo Schiavone. The inequality that matters, the American Interest, by Tyler Cowen. Argues that the key […]

Ben Hunt has written an excellent critique of behavioural economics for Fund Strategy magazine.

Africa needs growth, not pity and big plans, Wall Street Journal, by Matt Ridley. Africa needs aid, not flawed theories, Wall Street Journal, by Bill Gates. Ridley and Gates debate the problems of Africa and climate change. Beyond ‘dangerous’ climate change: emission scenarios for a new world, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, by […]