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This week’s Economist special report on the rich includes an article on social inequality. It starts with the observation that inequality has widened considerably over the past 30 years after narrowing from the 1930s to the late 1970s. But it reviews competing explanations for the recent widening without coming decisively down in favour of any […]

Real Clear Markets has published my latest comment from Fund Strategy.

The following comment by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (2 February). Is globalisation going into reverse? The answer is straightforward: yes and no. It is true that the world is becoming less economically integrated in some respects. According to the latest update to the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook the ­volume of […]

This week’s Economist (20 September) includes a survey on globalisation. Its focus is the growing importance of multinational companies from emerging economy countries.

Spiked has published an article by me on how even the most ardent free market economists are losing faith in capitalism.

Spiegel Online has a substantial article arguing that globalisation, by encouraging overfishing, is destroying the world’s oceans. As it happens even Indur Goklany, an articulate and avid defender of economic development, concedes that overfishing is a problem. But the solution is more systematic farming of the world’s oceans rather than the hunter-gatherer approach that prevails […]

The following review by me appeared in this week’s Fund Strategy. Robert Reich blames big business and technological progress for the erosion of democracy. But his flawed thesis is self-serving and – worryingly – he calls for a lowering of living standards. Supercapitalism is about a fundamental schism in contemporary society. Robert Reich, a professor […]

Harvard’s Dani Rodrik makes the correct point that even staunch defenders of globalisation are becoming nervous about its benefits. Writing for Project Syndicate (reproduced in Britain’s Guardian newspaper) he argues that: “we have Paul Samuelson, the author of the postwar era’s landmark economics textbook, reminding his fellow economists that China’s gains in globalisation may well […]

The following news story by me from Fund Strategy summarises a recent Goldman Sachs paper on the rising middle class. Another two billion more people could join the global middle class by 2030 according to a new report by Goldman Sachs*. Such an expansion, which would be unprecedented in world history, is based on a […]

A column by Lawrence Summers, a former US treasury secretary, in today’s Financial Times shows how far the mainstream has gone in taking on “anti-globalisation” arguments. Tackling inequality and raising labour standards are integral to the conventional wisdom: “The domestic component of a strategy to promote healthy globalisation must rely on strengthening efforts to reduce […]