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I do not generally agree with Raj Patel’s views – as an indicator his most recent book on food was endorsed by Naomi Klein – but he has provided a useful service by pulling together some key references on the recent surge in global food prices.I intend to write more on this topic in the […]

These article focus on science and the environment. Green menace, the American, by Blake Hurst. How a coalition of Haitian peasant groups – backed by American funding – are protesting against seeds donated by Monsanto to kick start food production in Haiti. Not even just genetically modified seeds but hybrid seeds too – a technology […]

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17 Jul 2010

When ideas have sex. Matt Ridley on Ted talks. Explains the huge growth in prosperity in relation to the propensity of human beings to exchange things. Such trade allows for specialisation which facilitates increased productivity. [I would focus more on the capacity of human cooperation to transform production]. Americans need to work less. Juliet Schor […]

Although Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist has received many positive reviews the overwhelming weight of books published today remains sympathetic to the green perspective. Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells looks like the antithesis of Ridley’s work: bemoaning prosperity from the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago onwards. According to the publisher: “Although this decision to control […]

Matt Ridley, the Rational Optimist, rebuts an attack by George Monbiot in the Guardian. Monbiot does not even attempt to tackle the meat of Ridley’s argument. Much of Monbiot’s article is a personal attack – mocking Ridley for his involvement in the collapse of Northern Rock bank – and the rest consists of sniping at […]

The discussion of food is one of the most distasteful discussions of recent years. It tends to grossly underestimate the huge benefits of cheap food and grossly overestimate its costs. One of humanity’s great achievements over the past two centuries is to make food cheaper and more abundant. Although the global population has risen about […]

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23 May 2010

“The Kitchen Debate” on food policy,, Corby Kummer (The Atlantic) versus Robert Paarlberg (author of Food Politics). A cooling trend, Boston Globe, Kerry Emanuel versus Richard Lindzen. Is it OK to be optimistic?  WNYC, radio interview with Matt Ridley. Other articles by Ridley this week include Cheer up: life only gets better in the Sunday […]

Sean Collins on capitalism. Spiked.  The author of the American Situation blog argues that contemporary “anti-capitalism” is the main barrier to progress today. The economics of happiness, speech by Ben Bernanke. The chairman of the Federal Reserve takes on board the main premises of those who argue for happiness as a policy goal. Organic’s footprint, […]

Attention whole food shoppers, Foreign Policy, by Robert Paarlberg. Paarlberg helped me with my May 2008 Fund Strategy cover story on food policy. Bill Gates and the problem with philanthropy, American Situation, by Sean Collins. The simple mathematics of decarbonisation in Australia, ABC (Australia), by Robert Pielke Jr. The wrong way to get to green, […]

Jimmy’s Global Harvest is by far the most inspiring documentary series I have seen on British television recently. Jimmy Doherty, a farmer with a PhD in entomology, is concerned with the practical business of how farmers can boost productivity in adverse conditions (see 20 July 2008 and 30 November 2008 posts for his earlier television […]