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My review of the recent Entebbe film was published on spiked on 21 May. In 1976, Palestinian and German terrorists hijacked Air France Flight 139 and flew it to Entebbe, Uganda. This event touches on some of the thorniest of all political questions, including the Holocaust, anti-semitism, the state of Israel, the plight of the […]

Spiked has published my review of the film Entebbe. I will upload the full text soon.

I’ll be debating the Divide, a new film on inequality and fairness, at the University of Birmingham on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 February. I hope some of you can come along. Details can be found here.  

China becomes a more important component of the global economy with every day that passes. Although America remains the world’s largest economy, at least for a little while, the Chinese economy is by far the largest contributor to global growth. The slowdown in the growth of emerging economies in recent years only confirms this trend. […]

This review was first published on spiked today. The unsubtle message of Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, is that there is a thin line between investment bankers and gangsters. Admittedly, investment banking is not itself illegal and its practitioners are not generally prone to extreme violence. Nevertheless, the film portrays Wall Street […]

Anyone looking for a graphic illustration of the one-sidedness of attacks on banks and tax havens would do well to watch a new documentary. The UK Gold, written and directed by Mark Donne, presents itself as an erudite and well-informed but is essentially an old-fashioned conspiracy theory. Its most striking feature is its habit of […]

I rarely write about Israeli politics nowadays but this film review is one of my occasional forays into the subject. The Gatekeepers is a remarkable documentary that illustrates an important shift in Israeli attitudes over the past four decades. Unfortunately, most Western commentators only see in it a confirmation of their own prejudices. Dror Moreh, […]

This is my latest book review for the Financial Times. Those looking for a fiercely uncompromising defence of free-market capitalism can do no better than consult the works of Ayn Rand. Before the Russian-born writer died in 1982, she developed a philosophy that celebrated selfishness, lauded entrepreneurs as heroes and rejected all state welfare. These […]

I feature in this short film by Worldwrite on the debate about inequality.

My latest article for spiked is a review of the new Freakonomics documentary.