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This is my latest comment for IPE magazine. It is a tragedy that a basic truth has been forgotten. The world is going to need huge amounts more energy for everyone to achieve reasonable living standards. Recent World Bank statistics on global poverty make sobering reading. The trend is improving over time, but, in 2012, […]

One of the great paradoxes of 2014 was the apparent mismatch between falling oil prices and military conflict in strategic regions. Normally fighting in the Middle East and the Ukraine would be expected to push up oil prices. Only this year the price has fallen sharply since June. According to the US Energy Information Administration […]

My latest book review for the Financial Times was published in Friday’s FT Wealth. The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Energy Revolution, by Gregory Zuckerman, Portfolio Penguin, 2013 In just five years, the US has enjoyed a remarkable transformation in the way its energy prospects are perceived. Until the middle of the […]

This article first appeared in this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Even by the standards of a world of confused debates the discussion of energy is spectacularly muddled. While politicians and campaigners bluster about greedy energy companies the central issue, how to bolster supply, receives little attention. Politicians of all stripes are guilty of posturing on […]

This is my latest comment on Fund Strategy. The German chancellor’s extraordinary decision to shut all of Germany’s nuclear power plants by 2022 illustrates spectacularly how fear has come to dominate the western elites. From any rational perspective it makes no sense. Angela Merkel’s move can be seen as a panic reaction to the problems […]

Randy Brich has interviewed me for Nuclear Street; a portal for professionals in the American nuclear industry.

Randy Brich has reviewed Ferraris For All on Nuclear Street. The American site describes itself as: “the leading information provider on companies, plants, jobs, personnel and news in the nuclear power industry”.

What resource curse?, Foreign Policy, by Charles Kenny. A development economist argues against the idea that the discovery of resource wealth is a “curse” for the country involved. New mission for US military: break its dependence on oil, Yale Environment 360, by Louis Peck. The American military is investigating ways to conserve energy and develop […]

Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, argues that nuclear fusion – the form of energy that powers that sun – really could be harnessed within two decades. Although similar predictions have been made in the past, the joke is that fusion is always 20 years away, he […]

Some useful recent reports – all to be taken critically. From austerity to prosperity: Seven priorities for the long term. McKinsey. New times, new connections: civil society action on climate change, Green Alliance, by Faye Scott. The State of African Cities 2010: Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Markets, UN-Habitat. World Energy Outlook 2010. International Energy […]