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Last night I debated Julian Assange and other supporters of the #Occupy movement at the Frontline Club in London. You can read a report of the event by Patrick Hayes on spiked here and watch a video recording here (5 November update: I have added a new link as the old one was disconnected). I […]

The campaign to promote shared sacrifice by calling for higher taxes on the wealthy seems to have taken off across Europe. In many cases rich individuals seem to be following the example of Warren Buffett (see 21 August post), one of America’s richest investors, who was in turn heeding Barack Obama’s call. France. Some 16 […]

A common theme runs through the discussion of America’s troubled economy and the debate about the causes of Britain’s riots. The populations of both countries are being urged to make sacrifices rather than be so “greedy”. Austerity can only be resisted effectively if such arguments are defeated. Often they have popular appeal because the targets […]

BBC Radio 4’s More or Less programme, presented by Tim Harford, is often good at investigating statistical claims. I was therefore particularly interested in what it had to say about Britain recent rioting. According to the most recent episode: It confirmed that, even adjusting for (CPI) inflation, average monthly public spending has risen slightly over […]

Rather than discuss Britain’s riots in general terms I want to focus here on the explanations that relate to the themes in Ferraris for All. That is to look at the arguments that blame the riots on inequality, poverty, public spending cuts, greed and similar factors. I should emphasise that my critique of economic explanations […]

This week’s Fund Strategy cover story by Ben Hunt looks at the debate about falling living standards in the western world.

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy magazine. There can be few discussions as dissatisfying as that of inflation. The vast bulk of it can be reduced to a simple tautology: rising prices cause rising prices. From learned experts to junior journalists it is common to hear such arguments. Rising energy prices are causing […]

For those who thought I was caricaturing David Harvey in Thursday’s spiked review he has helpfully summarised his arguments in an article in the Independent. There should certainly be no doubt about his “green” credentials: “Zero growth is a necessity and zero growth is incompatible with capitalism. The necessity is, therefore, that we must all […]

My critique of the notion of “neo-liberalism” is the lead item in the latest spiked view of books.

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17 Apr 2011

Rather than apologising again for my lack of posting I thought it would make more sense to write a note on what I have been doing. After focusing for several years on the theme of growth scepticism – albeit one that incorporates many subjects under its umbrella – I am working on lots of shorter […]