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For those who are interested here are the details of my recent Australian tour. I was invited by World Vision Australia, a worldwide community development organisation with a Christian ethos, to speak at one of the One Just World forums it organises across Australia with the International Women’s Development Agency and AusAid. Given I was […]

This is my Fund Strategy Perspective column for 5 March. Last week’s column examined the relationship between the eurozone crisis and China. This week the focus will shift to the connection between the region and America. The subject is particularly poignant given last week’s refusal by the G20 group of finance ministers to contribute more […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. It may not have been a coincidence that the most recent annual summit between the European Union (EU) and China was on Valentine’s Day. Eurozone leaders are trying desperately to woo their Chinese counterparts in the hope of securing some bail-out money. Indeed many European commentators […]

Is British decline, or that of the western world more generally, a bad thing? Many Britons would without hesitation say it is but the answer is not so straightforward. After more than three tough economic years it is not surprising that pessimism is so strong. The chaos in the eurozone has unnerved many Europeans. But […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. What is the impact of the eurozone crisis likely to be on the rest of the world? Much commentary in recent months has focused on the 17 countries that use the euro but relatively little has discussed the broader effect of the region’s woes. There are […]

News that China’s growth rate is slowing comes at a bad time for the world economy. Hopefully it is just a dip but some, such as Lombard Street Research, are arguing the Asian giant is entering a period of stagflation (stagnation combined with high inflation). Such a development would be bad news at any time […]

Shanghai Daily has published my response to the critical article on Ferraris for All by Wang Yong, the newspaper’s comment editor. I am not sure if the guy with the mortar board and Ferrari in the accompanying illustration is meant to be me. I have also pasted the text of the article below. WALKING along […]

Criticism of FFA from an unexpected source: an opinion column on the book in Shanghai Daily.

Anti-growth stance a misty nostalgia, the Australian, by Michael Stuchbury. A rebuttal to attacks on growth and fears about immigration in Australia. Don’t let the miserabilists clip humanity’s wings, spiked, by James Woudhuysen. Advanced biofuels could play a big role in tackling the problem of flight and climate change. Can China be green?, the Diplomat. […]

My latest article, on the western media’s perverse support for class struggle in China, is live on spiked.