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My piece on trends in household income in the advanced economies was published today in the annual world economy survey in the Financial Times. Beyond the truism that financial crises and recessions are painful, the advanced economies have had widely divergent experiences in recent years. This is clear even at the level of economic growth. […]

My debate in Newcastle, New South Wales, on 9 March on  Closing the Poverty Gap is now available to watch online. As views will see it was a lively discussion.

This blog post was first published on Fundweb today. Having returned from my trip to Australia it is instructive to reflect on what I saw. The country still seems to be surprisingly close in cultural terms to Britain in particular and to a lesser extent to America. In many respects it is like a Britain […]

This is the text of my opinion article that appeared in the Australian on 12 March and On Line Opinion on 16 March. When the rich and powerful start talking as if they represent the poor and vulnerable it is certain that someone will end up getting hurt. It is a safe bet that it […]

This is my Perspective column for 19 March. G’day from Newcastle, New South Wales. Coming to Australia must be a slightly weird experience for most first-time British visitors. In some respects it is unnervingly like Britain and in others almost unrecognisable. That general rules holds true for economic comparisons. British visitors will recognise most of […]

For those who are interested here are the details of my recent Australian tour. I was invited by World Vision Australia, a worldwide community development organisation with a Christian ethos, to speak at one of the One Just World forums it organises across Australia with the International Women’s Development Agency and AusAid. Given I was […]

Back in London

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23 Mar 2012

I have returned from my Australian tour so I should be posting regularly from now on. Over the next few days I will catch up on earlier posts as well as adding new ones.

A lot has happened during my visit to Australia. For technical IT reasons it is difficult for me to properly update my website on the road but I have already pasted a lot of links on to the Ferraris for All Facebook page.  I will update the website itself as soon as possible after I […]

I will be speaking at several events during my upcoming Australian tour. This is a listing of those open to the public: One Just World forum on “closing the poverty gap”. 6.30pm, Friday 9 March at Hamilton Public School in Newcastle, NSW. Europe’s Existential Funk: An examination of a continent in crisis. 6pm-8pm, Monday 12 […]

I have an article in tomorrow’s Australian on the frequent use of the term “sustainability” in the country’s election debate.