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Note: Most of this week’s articles are not freely available in full on the internet. How the Observer brought the WWF into being, Observer, by Kate Kellaway. Article to market the 50th anniversary of the world’s largest non-governmental conservation charity. Includes links to the original Observer articles from 1960. Geoengineering: lift-off, Economist. Discussion of high […]

Obama could kill fossil fuels overnight with a nuclear dash for thorium, Telegraph, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Evidently Carlo Rubbia, a Nobel laureate, is working on thorium as a clean, cheap and safe alternative to uranium in reactors. Are cattle an endangered species?, Rational Optimist, by Matt Ridley. The author finds that one of the plants designated […]

The world’s lungs. The Economist. Fairly upbeat comment piece on the prospects for the world’s forests linked to an Economist survey on forestry. No free locavore lunch, Wall Street Journal, by Virginia Postrel. A critical article on the local food movement. Serving up some home truths about food, spiked, by Rob Lyons. A review of […]

The United States of Inequality, Slate, by Timothy Noah. Start of a series looking at different dimensions of the discussion of inequality in America including government, immigration, race, technology and unions. Reinvigorating the Millennium Development Goals, Finance & Development. A special issue of the International Monetary Fund’s publication looking at the (deeply flawed) international targets […]

Me human, you chimp, spiked, by Tim Black. Review of Helene Guldburg’s seminal Just Another Ape? The greening of Godzilla, American Interest Online, Walter Russell Mead’s blog. On the apparent shift of environmentalists from being against science to being its most avid supporter. Grow your own, Culture Wars, by Karl Sharro. A critique of the […]

Progressives against progress, City Journal, by Fritz Siegel. How American liberals have turned against progress since 1970. Genome breakthrough heralds dawn of new era for agriculture, Independent, by Steve Connor. The isolation of the genome of the wheat plant could have hugely positive implications for agriculture. Growth in a Buddhist economy, Project Syndicate, by Jeffrey […]

Anti-growth stance a misty nostalgia, the Australian, by Michael Stuchbury. A rebuttal to attacks on growth and fears about immigration in Australia. Don’t let the miserabilists clip humanity’s wings, spiked, by James Woudhuysen. Advanced biofuels could play a big role in tackling the problem of flight and climate change. Can China be green?, the Diplomat. […]

Videos of note

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1 Aug 2010

Living Outside the Box: Sustainable Lifestyles.  A video produced for the United Nations Environment Programme by Sweden’s environment ministry. Through the tale of Angie (who lives in an unspecified rich country) and George (who lives in an unspecified poor country) argues that more “stuff” does not make us any happier. It also threatens the planet’s […]

These article focus on science and the environment. Green menace, the American, by Blake Hurst. How a coalition of Haitian peasant groups – backed by American funding – are protesting against seeds donated by Monsanto to kick start food production in Haiti. Not even just genetically modified seeds but hybrid seeds too – a technology […]

These articles focus on economics and development. More on science and the environment tomorrow. Live Aid 25 years on – time to change the record, spiked, by Nathalie Rothschild.  An argument against celebrity-based campaigns which start from the premise that Africans should be viewed as pathetic victims. Multi-dimensional Poverty Index. The Oxford Poverty & Human […]