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William Easterly brilliantly parodies U2’s support for western intervention in Africa. Many of the comments are worth reading too.

Anyone who wants to hear leading exponents of mainstream views on economic and social issues could benefit from listening to some of the public lectures at the London School of Economics. British speakers such as Nicholas Stern on climate change and Paul Collier on Africa regularly feature as do international speakers such as Paul Krugman […]

Anyone who doubts the political degeneration of what passes for the left nowadays should read the article on “Ending Africa’s Hunger” in the 21 September issue of the Nation. From the start it derides the idea that agricultural productivity should be raised as a technological fix. Yet, in a world whose population looks set to […]

This blog has long recognised the increasingly explicit character of Malthusianism. In recent years it has become routine to blame overpopulation for many of the world’s problems. But there is a wider implicit Malthusianism that also needs to be tackled also. This implicit Malthusianism is apparent in a comment in this week’s Economist and related […]

Britain’s most influential development economist seems to have trouble distinguishing between poor countries and players in children’s football teams. Paul Collier of Oxford University has written an article for Prospect suggesting the West implement a red and green card system for coups in poor countries. A red card would indicate that the West considers elections […]

Yesterday I went to the launch of the International Growth Centre at the London School of Economics (LSE). The international network of scholars is a joint venture between LSE and Oxford University with funding of £42m from Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID). Superficially the tone was incredibly pro-growth. This was reflected in a DFID […]

Jeffrey Sachs writes in an article for Project Syndicate on the spread of mobile phones in the world’s poorer countries: “market penetration in poor countries is rising sharply. India has around 300 million subscribers, with subscriptions rising by a stunning eight million or more per month. Brazil now has more than 130 million subscribers, and […]

For time reasons I have so far avoided commenting on Prince Charles’s silly intervention in the debate on genetically modified (GM) foods. But the Comment Is Free article by Paul Collier, the director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University, on the damaging effect of opposition to GM makes many […]

A roundtable of Nobel laureates hosted by Michael Milken (a financier, philanthropist and man who has served time in jail for securities violations) unwittingly gave an insight into the current food crisis. It seems that even Nobel prize-winners do not think it is possible to transform agriculture in the third world as it would lead […]

I disagree with Paul Collier, author of The Bottom Billion, on many things. Readers may remember that I debated him at the Battle of Ideas 2007. But he makes some astute points on the current food crisis in an article in today’s Times (London): “The remedy to high food prices is to increase supply. The […]