I have spoken at numerous events and venues including the Battle of Ideas, the British Library, the Centre for Independent Studies (in Sydney), the Edinburgh Book Festival, the Great Debate (Newcastle), the Hellenic American Union in Athens, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the London School of Economics, the New York Salon, Oxford University, Plymouth University, Programmkino Tilsiter Lichtspielethe in Berlin, the RSA, the School of Oriental and African Studies, Thought Broker (Sydney) and the University of Westminster.  If you want me to speak at one of your events email ferraris AT

Future events

More to come.

Past events

Debate on the merits of trade versus aid in development at the Durham Union Society.  On the evening of Friday 8 February.

Big business in the developing world. Battle of Ideas festival. London. 14 October 2018.

Trust: 10 years after the crisis. Battle of Ideas festival. London. 14 October 2018. The video is available to watch here.

Why the backlash against Silicon Valley? Academy of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 28 June 2018. Introduction available to listen to on the event link.

Battle of Ideas festival 2017 London. 28-29 October 2016. I spoke at a session on Silicon Valley from Heroes to Zeroes on the second day of the festival. Also distributed as a podcast on 26 March 2018.

Who really runs the UK? Funzing LDN talk. London. 26 September 2017

Economic Outlook 2017. Moderating discussion for Association for Corporate Growth. London. 24 January 2017.

Behavioural Economics(you can listen to my introduction on the link). Institute of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 19 January 2017.

The great inequality debate. Berlin Salon event (in English). 7pm on 3 December 2017 at Cafe Mainstein, Mansteinstraße 4.

Battle of Ideas festival 2016 London. 22-23 October 2016. I spoke at a session on the super-rich (view here) on the 22 October and one on tax wars and inequality on 23 October (view here).

Think conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 2 July 2016. Panel discussion on “How life as we know it is changing” and panel on “Behavioural economics”.

Do we need economic growth? Berlin Salon event. 7 April 2016. An audio recording is available here. A video recording of the event is available here.

The Divide. Debate of new documentary organised by University of Birmingham’s student Social Policy Society. 24 February 2016.

Are greens the friends or enemies of progress? Zurich Salon event. 19 January 2016. A video of this session is available here.

Inequality: Should we really be worried? Battle of Ideas satellite event.  Stockholm, Sweden. 14 November 2015.

Do we need the Sustainable Development Goals? Battle of Ideas festival.  London. 17 October 2015.

End of the East Asian miracle? Battle of Ideas festival.  London. 17 October 2015. A video of this session is available here.

Democracy in America. Institute of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 15 July 2015.

Whose social justice is it anyway?  City of London Festival. 6 July 2015. An audio recording of the event is available here.

Pigs can’t fly? Surving austerity? Battle of Ideas festival.  London. 18 October 2014. An audio recording of the event is available here.

Growth is good: mission or mania? Battle of Ideas festival.  London. 19 October 2014. An audio recording of the event is available here.

America’s new technoratic elite. Institute of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 16 September 2014.

The global 10 billion – something to celebrate?  Mantownhuman summer school. London. 16 July 2014.

Does emotion or reason dictate the financial markets?  City of London Festival. 9 July 2014. An edited version appeared in the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Slot. Available here.

Adam Smith: Theory of Moral Sentiments. Institute of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 25 June 2014.

Celebrating consumer choice. Spiked debate, Westminister Hall. London. 23 June 2014. An audio recording of the event is available here.

The role of the private sector in development.Results UK national conference.  London. 10 May 2014.

Technology – setting us free or hiding the chains? Liberty League Freedom Forum 2014.  London. 12 April 2014.

Adam Smith: the Wealth of Nations. Institute of Ideas Economy Forum. London. 27 February 2014.

Trade or Aid? Battle of Ideas satellite event.  Oslo, Norway. 7 November 2013.

Pathologising Israel Battle of Ideas festival (click on session title for video of the event).  London. 20 October 2013.

Who’s afraid of inequality? Brighton Salon event.  Tuesday 28 May 2013.

The problems with inequality. Debate with Danny Dorling and one Martin O’Neill at the Leeds Salon.  Wednesday 22 May 2013.

Inequality: why the big issue? Debate with Danny Dorling at the Manchester Salon.  Tuesday 26 February 2013. A video of of the event is available to watch here.

Has capitalism failed? Debate at Queen Mary University.  Tuesday 20 November 2012.

I spoke at two sessions at the Battle of Ideas festival in London on the weekend of 20-21 October. The first looked at the discussion of austerity with Dan Atkinson of the Mail on Sunday, David Smith of the Sunday Times and Philippe Legrain also on the panel (available to watch here). Immediately after that there was a session on poverty (available to watch here ) including Brian Hill, a film director, and Jonathan Portes of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Four Horsemen: the debate. Wednesday 12 June 2012 at the Frontline Club in London. You can watch a video of the debate here and my blog post on the debate here.

Good capitalism versus bad capitalism? An Oxford Salon event.  Thursday 12 April 2012 in the “Living Room” at the Oxford Hub.

On Courageous Capitalists and Other Market Myths.Dinner discussion organised by Thought Broker. Tuesday 13 March 2012 at the Thai Lemongrass, 70 Stanley Street, East Sydney, Australia.

Europe’s Existential Funk. Eventorganised by the Centre for Independent Studies.Monday 12 March 2012 at the Macquarie Bank Auditorium, Sydney, Australia. You can watch an introductory video to the event here and the full event here.

Closing the Poverty Gap.Forum organised by World Vision Australia, 9 March 2012 at Hamilton Public School, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.  Available to watch online here.

Public lecture on the myth of sustainability at Plymouth University. 29 February 2012.

Should austerity be embraced or rejected? Debate organised by Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University.  Friday 4 November 2011 at the Duke of Cornwall hotel.

#Occupy – What do they want?First Wednesday debate at the Frontline Club in London. Wednesday 2 November 2011. You can watch a video recording of the event here.

Is Greece ready for happiness? Battle of Ideas satellite event in Athens. Tuesday 25 October 2011.

The great population debate. Battle of Ideas satellite event in Berlin. Wednesday 12 October 2011.

Manchester debate on “Prosperity without growth: myth or must?”. Organised by the Challenging Orthodoxies society of the University of Manchester Students’ Union. Tuesday 15 February 2011.

Birmingham Salon event on 11 January 2011. Debate with Professor Somanth Sen. My opening speeches is available to listen to here.

East Midlands Salon event in Nottingham on 23 November 2010.

Manchester Salon debate on 24 November 2010.

Leeds Salon debate on 15 November 2010.

Debate on recession with Oliver James and Chris Talbot. Queen’s College, Oxford University. Organised by Oxford University Current Affairs Society. 3 November 2010.

Debate with Tim Jackson, the author of Prosperity without Growth, at the Battle of Ideas festival in London. 31 October 2010. Available to listen to here. Available to watch on video here.

Capitalism after the crash. Discussion at the ICA in London. 28 October 2010.

Debate with Jonathon Porritt, one of Britain’s leading environmentalists, on economic growth on 19 October 2010 at Northumbria University. The event was organised by the Great Debate. Watch the video here.

Debate on the future of London’s financial centre on 4 October 2010 at the British Library in London. Luke Johnson (entrepreneur),  Billy Bragg (musician and activist). John Micklethwait (the editor-in-chief of the Economist) and Richard Layard (emeritus professor at the London School of Economics) were also on the panel. Paul Mason of the BBC Newsnight programme chaired. An audio recording is available here . A video of the summing up of the debate (with me last) is available to watch here.

I spoke about Ferraris for All at a dinner and drinks event organised by the New York Salon on the evening of 15 September 2010.

Debate on the “limits to growth” Sunday 22 August 2010 in Newcastle. It was part of a three day conferenceorganised by the Great Debate. To watch the session click here. A video of me talking after the event is available here.

Discussion of Ferraris for All at the Institute of Ideas’ Emerging Economies Forum on 25 July 2010. For details see here.

Brighton Salon event on Ferraris for All was held on 20 July 2010. A transcript is available here,

The London book launch was on 14 July 2010 (which also happened to be Bastille Day).

Rethinking global inequality. Introduction to a public seminar at the University of Westminster on 15 April 2010. Click here to listen.

All Consuming. Debate on the consumer society at the RSA (London). 16 July 2009. Available to listen to on audio here. Also available to download as a free podcast on iTunes.

Rein in the greedy bankers?Session at the Battle for the Economy. 16 May 2009.

Growing pains: the pros and cons of economic dynamism. Session at the Battle of Ideas (London) including Martin Wolf, Paul Mason and Ha-Joon Chang. 1 November 2008.

Choking on growth – from Yellow Peril to Green Menace! Session at the Battle for China. 12 July 2008.

Is China the new ‘green peril’? Seminar at LSESU China Development Society. 5 March 2008.

Happiness. Lunchtime discussion at the RSA including Paul Ormerod and David Willets MP.6 December 2007.

Is there a new working class? Discussion at the Institute of Contemporary Art. 20 November 2007.

Trade, aid or development? Discussion at the Battle of Ideas. 28 October 2007.