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China becomes a more important component of the global economy with every day that passes. Although America remains the world’s largest economy, at least for a little while, the Chinese economy is by far the largest contributor to global growth. The slowdown in the growth of emerging economies in recent years only confirms this trend. […]

This article appeared on spiked yesterday. The establishment’s campaign against prosperity has taken another mean-spirited turn. Not satisfied with cajoling advanced economies to retreat from economic growth, it has begun focusing more attention on developing countries. Of course, this elite offensive is not pitched in such blunt terms. Instead, it is posed as an initiative […]

On Wednesday 9 July I will be taking part in a panel discussion on behavioural finance at the City of London Festival. Frances Hudson (Global Thematic Strategist, Standard Life Investments), Greg Davis (Head of Behavioural and Quantitative Investment Philosophy, Barclays) and I will introduce a discussion on “Does emotion or reason dictate the financial markets?”.

One of the most bizarre features of Thomas Piketty’s sudden rise to fame as a superstar economist is his alleged affinity for Karl Marx. Both fans and critics of the French author of the bestselling tome have frequently portrayed him as a Modern Marx and a revolutionary. This is hardly surprising since Piketty presents himself […]

This column was first published in the May edition of Fund Strategy. A disturbing new tag has become attached to the emerging world in recent months. The term “fragile five” has started to compete with Brics and Mints as a label for a distinct group of developing economies. Morgan Stanley is usually credited with coining the term […]

This article was published on Tuesday on There is much excitement about the rise of a global middle class, yet emerging economies are still a long way from developing a mass investment culture. A look at some of the common definitions of middle class should be enough to sound a note of caution to […]