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Merry Christmas

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24 Dec 2013

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas.

It has become the received wisdom that quantitative easing (QE) has played a central role in pushing up asset prices in recent years. That makes it a particularly good time to question the contention. Many commentators, including myself, have gone on to argue that QE has favoured the rich disproportionately since they hold most financial assets. […]

One of the worst habits of the current generation of younger adults is to blame their older peers for many economic and social problems. Such scapegoating is understandable in those in an awkward teenage phase but anyone over 20 should have grown out of it. Take the discussion of household debt. It is often framed […]

This article for the Financial Times was published in Friday’s FT Wealth. Every generation has thinkers who support the right to accumulate great wealth. Such figures are reviled by egalitarians for defending the indefensible: upholding privilege and hierarchy while the common man or woman suffers impoverishment. Conservatives typically respond that social inequality can benefit society […]

My latest book review for the Financial Times was published in Friday’s FT Wealth. The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Energy Revolution, by Gregory Zuckerman, Portfolio Penguin, 2013 In just five years, the US has enjoyed a remarkable transformation in the way its energy prospects are perceived. Until the middle of the […]

Nancy McDermott makes an astute point on equality in her masterly spiked essay on “maternalism”: “Today’s obsession with inequality masks an attack on equal standards and equal rights”.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has unwittingly endorsed my characterisation of him as a new egalitarian in yesterday’s spiked piece. An article in today’s Guardian quotes him as saying “there is too much inequality” and “my speech was actually a warning against letting inequality go unchecked”.

This article was first published on spiked today. Although last week’s Margaret Thatcher lecture by Boris Johnson was widely understood as a traditional conservative rejection of equality, it was nothing of the sort. It is true that the mayor of London stepped slightly beyond the bounds of what is generally considered appropriate in these oversensitive […]