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Spiked has published my review of two contrasting books on the European Union. I will upload the full text over the weekend.

This Fund Strategy cover story on “tapering” – the gradual reduction in monetary support for the economy by America’s Federal Reserve – was first published on 21 August. An accompanying chronology can be found here. Are central bankers preparing to turn down the money tap? The pronouncements by Ben Bernanke, the chairman of America’s Federal […]

This may seem strange to some but serious studies are looking to biology for models to better understand the financial markets. One recent paper, reported on the BBC website, even examined the behaviour of bacteria to see if investment trade-offs could be better understood. The academics involved had to do some intellectual contortions but they […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. In the last issue of Fund Strategy (7 August) this column argued that many criticisms of GDP are disingenuous. Such detractors merely point out that it does not incorporate other measures such as inequality or happiness. Yet there are already ways of measuring these other phenomena. Such […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Although GDP is central to much economic and financial debate, it is remarkably poorly understood. Experts pore over every statistical release and every subsequent revision but rarely question the meaning of the measure itself. This one-sidedness was clear in the recent preliminary estimate for […]

Anyone looking for a graphic illustration of the one-sidedness of attacks on banks and tax havens would do well to watch a new documentary. The UK Gold, written and directed by Mark Donne, presents itself as an erudite and well-informed but is essentially an old-fashioned conspiracy theory. Its most striking feature is its habit of […]