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No Billionaire Left Behind, by Angelique Haugerud, Stanford University Press 2013, RRP$24.95 Imagine stumbling across a demonstration by what appears to be the super-rich in New York’s Central Park. The women carry parasols and are adorned in elegant gowns, tiaras and satin gloves. The men wear tuxedos and top hats. Their placards spell out demands […]

Any campaign that declares itself, in effect, for Good and against Evil should be treated with suspicion. That certainly applies to the G8 Lough Erne Declaration issued by the world’s leaders at their summit in Northern Ireland. The first item in the declaration – named after the luxury hotel and spa where the world leaders […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. Much of the debate on global financial markets in recent weeks, and indeed on economic prospects too, has focused on “tapering” by America’s Federal Reserve. Whenever such a term comes into vogue it usually repays examining in more detail. It is clear what tapering […]

Jacob Hacker of Yale attempts to explain the sometimes bewildering concept of predistribution on this BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme. I ask a question at about 14 minutes.

This is my cover story on the upcoming German elections for Fund Strategy magazine. The associated graphics can be found here. The German elections on 22 September are likely to be important for the whole of Europe. Whatever the complexion of the new government, it will play a central role in deciding the future shape […]

A link to my spiked review of The Great Gatsby appeared on the Real Clear Books portal site today.

They may not have the name recognition of Rihanna or Justin Bieber but central bankers have become high profile public figures. Until perhaps the 1990s central bankers were dull technocrats who were hardly known outside government or financial circles. Since then they have become dull technocrats who are widely recognised by those who follow the […]

This article on the eurozone was written for the June issue of IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) magazine. It is more technical than usual and, given that I quote several people, the views are not entirely my own. In July 2012, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, gave a landmark speech […]

This is my Perspective column from this week’s Fund Strategy magazine. The recent controversy over tax avoidance by the likes of Amazon, Google and Starbucks has revived old arguments about the power of global corporations. Such companies, it is argued, have become so big and pervasive that they can circumvent national governments. Margaret Hodge, a […]