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This is the text of my recent spiked review. Strip out the noise of everyday bickering and it is possible to identify the core ideals that make up the West’s dominant political outlook. They are easily spelt out, even if the perspective itself is difficult to label. In principle, they include basic rights and duties, […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. As metaphors go it is a scary one. America is hurtling towards a “fiscal cliff”. The term evokes an image of an economy that is about to do itself serious damage by plummeting from a great height. The vivid image refers to the impact of […]

This week’s appalling GDP figures are far from the worst statistics that have come out on the British economy recently. One quarter of bad data can always be dismissed as a blip but there are reasons to believe Britain’s economic problems are deep-rooted. It takes hard work to divine any potential for improvement although it […]

My latest spiked review argues that the idea of fairness is antithetical to freedom, prosperity and true equality. You can read it here and I will post the text at a later date.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. Sometimes, the conventional assumptions used to examine economic problems are misleading. A different approach would lead to radically different conclusions. Take the economic plight currently plaguing the developed world. One key convention is to look at domestic economies first before modifying the analysis to take […]

This is the main text of my recent Fund Strategy cover story on Germany. Considering the importance of Germany in resolving the European crisis it is shocking how little is known about it in Britain. At best even those who follow the news are often ignorant of important developments within Europe’s largest economy and second […]

This is a text box that accompanied my recent Fund Strategy cover story on Germany. Although this article has generalised about German economic policy there are of course differences within the German leadership. These are some of the key figures in the debate. Angela Merkel. Chancellor and chairwoman of the ruling Christian Democratic Union since […]

This is the link to my latest Fund Strategy cover story on the debate on Germany’s economic policy. I will put the text on  to this website later in the week.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. It is so rare for an economist to give serious attention to the productive side of the economy it is welcome when it happens. This is particularly so when one of the UK’s most astute experts sets his mind to a key economic challenge of […]

Policy Press, the publisher of Ferraris for All, has published an extract from my recent spiked essay on inequality on its blog. The updated and extended paperback edition of the book can be ordered directly from the publisher here.