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This is my latest column for Fund Strategy It was so strange I had to pinch myself to check if I was having a bizarre nightmare. There was Michael Sandel, philosopher and celebrity academic, denouncing traded life policies – or what he called “death bonds” – on a BBC television programme. To make the package […]

Fund Strategy has published my cover story on Britain’s phoney debate between supporters of “austerity” and “growth”. It is available to read here and I will paste the text on to this website over the next few days.

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy It is another one of those conjurer’s tricks so beloved of politicians. This one could be called the “contagion evasion”. Point furiously to the danger of financial contagion coming from other countries as a way of drawing attention from economic problems at home. All of Britain’s main […]

If the critics are to be believed, Germany is once again causing turmoil in the heart of Europe. If only Germany would pursue a less hawkish economic policy, so the argument goes, the continent could be on its way to recovery. Germany’s most high profile critics are typically those who claim more generally that this […]