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There is a pervasive public prejudice that the rich always get richer and the poor are destined to become ever poorer. It should not be a surprise that this is a gross over-simplification. This sense of a widening gap between rich and poor is deeply engrained. For instance, a survey on American attitudes published by […]

This is my latest book review for the Financial Times. Those with a weak heart might best avoid reading The Real Crash. In it Peter Schiff, an investment and economic commentator, makes a strong case that the real economic turmoil is yet to come. So far we have only seen the tremor before the earthquake. […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy The initiatives announced at the annual Mansion House dinner reminded me that there is also a monetary side to economic policy (see box, below). My recent cover story (June 11) on the “phoney war” over economic policy focused instead on the fiscal side of the discussion. Looking […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy It is strange how some subjects once confined to dusty economics textbooks are finding their way into public debate. In particular there seems to be a growing discussion of both returning to the gold standard and ending fractional reserve banking. Underlying the debate is mounting anxiety over […]

This piece was written as a box for my recent Fund Strategy cover story but was not published for space reasons. For those who want to follow the debate more closely here are some key readings. 2020 Tax Commission. “The Single Income Tax”. May 2012. Work supported by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Institute of […]

This is the Frontline Club’s blog post on yesterday’s event. In my view it one-sidedly downplays criticism of the documentary.

This is my account of yesterday’s debate on the Four Horsemen documentary. An earlier version appeared as a blog post on the Fundweb web site. Last night I participated in a debate that reminded me of one of the main misconceptions in contemporary economics: that free market thinking is influential. The occasion was a debate […]

This is the video of a debate I took part in last night at the Frontline Club last night (see 24 May post). I will be writing more about it shortly.

This is the text of a box from this week’s Fund Strategy cover story where are I discuss some of the main pundits in Britain’s economic policy debate. On Friday I will publish a list of key references in the discussion. These are some of the most high profile commentators in the current economic debate. […]

This is the main text for my latest Fund Strategy cover story. Boxes to follow later in the week. Those who are football fans will be familiar with the term ’handbags’. For those who are not, it refers to a confrontation in which there are lots of flailing limbs, possibly some shouting, but little physical […]