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My essay on the critics of inequality, previously previewed on spiked Plus, is now freely available on spiked. Its key innovation is to make a fundamental distinction between contemporary critics of inequality and support for equality. It is easy to make the mistake of assuming there is a big drive towards equality in the world […]

My recent spiked review of Pity the Billionaire is the lead item on Real Clear Books today. The site looks like a useful portal for coverage of non-fiction books.

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy Is your relatively affluent lifestyle depriving a poor person of food? That in effect is the accusation from Britain’s leading science body. The Royal Society has published a report called People and the Planet warning that global population should be stabilised and western living standards curtailed. Given […]

This blog post was first published on Fundweb today. This of course is the opposite of the mainstream view. The conventional argument is that there has been too much politics, particularly of the democratic sort, and too little expertise. It would be far better, according to this line of thinking, if more decisions were left […]