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My debate at the Frontline club (see 24 May post) has been postponed till Tuesday 12 June.

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy There is a growing school of thought that blames inequality for the economic crisis. From this premise it often goes on to argue that narrowing income differentials should be central to any successful recovery plan. This argument is based on faulty reasoning. Even if it is conceded […]

I will be debating Four Horsemen, a new documentary, next Wednesday evening at the Frontline Club in London. Other panelists will include Ross Ashcroft (the film’s director), Mark Braud and Phillip Blond.

This is a blog post for Fundweb. Having written a whole book on the cultural aversion to prosperity it is intensely frustrating to watch the supposed great debate about economic growth. Of course it is easy for authors to over-estimate their influence. But here are what I regard as 10 of the key confusions in […]

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy The way it is being presented there is a great economic battle brewing in the heart of Europe. A pro-growth camp led by François Hollande, the new socialist French president, is fighting back against the pro-austerity hawks led by Germany’s conservative Angela Merkel. This picture is misleading […]

Michael Savage’s Trickle Down Tyranny is probably the nuttiest book I have ever reviewed for a mainstream publication. For a start he seriously compares Barack Obama to Lenin. You can read the review here (free registration may be required) or below. It is hard to suppress a frisson of excitement associated with doing something illicit […]

In this article I revisit the contention that the western world has entered a “new normal” of sluggish economic growth. It is the final part of my latest Fund Strategy cover story. In many ways the notion of the low hanging fruit parallels the argument that the global economy has entered a “new normal” of […]

This is the main text of my recent Fund Strategy cover story on the debate about the “great stagnation”. All the graphics can be found in the version in the magazine itself and I will post the remaining box here tomorrow. An influential alternative to the well-worn explanation of the economic malaise of recent years […]

My Fund Strategy cover story on “the great stagnation” – the idea that a long-term technological slowdown has hit American economic growth – is available to read here. I will paste the full text over the next few days.

This is my latest column for Fund Strategy The recent wave of shareholder action against high executive remuneration has been widely welcomed as a brave “shareholder spring” against corporate excess. It would be more accurate to see it as a moralistic outburst and a damaging evasion from grappling with real economic problems. It should be […]