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My Perspective column for this week’s issue of Fund Strategy looks at the debate about American decline. For a complementary view, which looks at the same subject from a different angle, it is worth reading the piece by Sean Collins on spiked. His focus is more on America itself whereas I look at the topic […]

Das Modell

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14 Apr 2012

The German model of economic organisation has got a lot more coverage since I discussed it in relation to the British debate earlier this year (see posts of 20 February and 25 March). No doubt the high profile it has had in the French presidential election campaign, through its avid promotion by Nicolas Sarkozy, is […]

This blog post was first published on Fundweb today. Those who believe that America’s recovery will lead it to regain its role as driver of the global economy are deluding themselves. Even leaving aside the flimsiness of America’s recent growth spurt it is many years since it was the engine of the world economy. For […]

This is my Perspective column for this week’s issue of Fund Strategy. It may not be politically correct to say it but a tiny proportion of rich people matter more to the stockmarket than the rest of us do. The threshold for what counts as rich is also probably a lot less than many Fund […]

My debate in Newcastle, New South Wales, on 9 March on  Closing the Poverty Gap is now available to watch online. As views will see it was a lively discussion.

This is my Perspective column for this week’s issue of Fund Strategy. The most interesting aspect of George Osborne’s budget speech, perhaps the only one, was his claim that “it unashamedly backs business”. Given that the Conservative party is the traditional party of British business it might be assumed that this should go without saying. […]