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This is my Perspective column for this week’s issue of Fund Strategy. A strong challenge has emerged to the widely held view that living standards for the average American stagnated for many years even before 2007. This is an important debate to examine because it suggests that most people did not become more prosperous even […]

“The economic crisis that first hit the US in 2008 put one of America’s leading left-wing writers in an awkward spot. Only for Thomas Frank, it was not the risk of unemployment or lower wages. Instead, the financial crisis and subsequent recession threatened to undermine his pet theory: that conservatives had somehow duped ordinary Americans […]

Someone has correctly pointed out that the money from the Visa affinity card mentioned in the last post goes to the Nation magazine rather than Occupy Wall Street (OWS) itself. It supports OWS by promoting its Move Your Money scheme. However, I think the broader point still stands. Supporting smaller businesses against larger ones is […]

This blog post was first published on Fundweb today. [Also note correction at end] I get loads of dodgy emails ostensibly offering me the chance to enlarge various body parts and buy performance enhancing drugs but this one was genuine: an invitation to apply for an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Visa card. This is not […]

This is my Perspective column for this week’s issue of Fund Strategy. The publication of a huge volume of official reports and data always makes April an exciting time of year for us economic geeks. But anyone with even a passing interest in economics and finance can glean insights from this huge range of freely […]

This second box from my recent Fund Strategy cover story on responsible capitalism shows outlines the free market opposition to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The point is not to endorse this outlook but to contrast it with what has become the mainstream view. The free market view of capitalism involves the explicit rejection of what […]

This box from my recent Fund Strategy cover story on responsible capitalism shows that business is anxious to regulate itself. It is not a straightforward matter of regulation being imposed by an interventionist state. Strict rules on corporate governance have been institutionalised in Britain through a succession of business-backed reports. This is a selection of […]

This is the main text of my Fund Strategy cover story published on Monday. I have restored the original introductory paragraph that for some reason was edited out of the published version. I will post the boxes that go along with the article over the next few days. An unprecedented hostility to business has recently […]

My essay on the fundamental distinction between supporting equality and curbing inequality is available on spiked Plus. To read the full essay now you need to contribute to spiked Plus – recommended if possible. Otherwise in time it will be available on spiked itself and on this website.

I have written this week’s Fund Strategy cover story on the debate about “responsible capitalism” in Britain. You can reading it by clicking on the link here and I will also paste the text onto this website over the next few days.