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This blog post was first published on Fundweb on 12 March. I have often wondered why so many western tourists say they dislike Singapore. They complain about what they see as its conformism and petty authoritarianism. Now I think I know the real reason they react against the place. It is hard not to see […]

This is my Fund Strategy Perspective column for 5 March. Last week’s column examined the relationship between the eurozone crisis and China. This week the focus will shift to the connection between the region and America. The subject is particularly poignant given last week’s refusal by the G20 group of finance ministers to contribute more […]

I will be speaking at an Oxford Salon event on Good capitalism versus bad capitalism? at 7pm on Thursday 12 April. The venue is the “Living Room” at the Oxford Hub.

This is my Perspective column for 12 March. More material from Fund Strategy will be posted over the next few days. How about some good news for a change? In fact some brilliant news. The number of people living in extreme poverty in the world is steadily falling. This trend is clearly welcome to the […]

Back in London

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23 Mar 2012

I have returned from my Australian tour so I should be posting regularly from now on. Over the next few days I will catch up on earlier posts as well as adding new ones.

A lot has happened during my visit to Australia. For technical IT reasons it is difficult for me to properly update my website on the road but I have already pasted a lot of links on to the Ferraris for All Facebook page.  I will update the website itself as soon as possible after I […]

I am likely to be posting erratically over the next three weeks as I will be travelling.