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Not all anniversaries are equal it seems. Some raise so many awkward questions the authorities would rather they are not discussed. Take the contrast between two anniversaries this week. The 60th anniversary of the queen’s accession to the throne received widespread media coverage that is likely to go on for months. Compare it with the […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. It deals with capital adequacy in banks so it is more wonkish than usual. However, it is an important topic for those trying to grapple with contemporary economics. Being vilified as greedy is far from the most tricky problem facing bankers at present. They are also […]

A wry video short by Bold Futures in Berlin taking a dig at those who romanticise African poverty. Click HERE to view.

I will be giving a public lecture on the flawed notion of sustainability at 5pm on 29 February at Plymouth University. Details are available here.