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This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. It may not have been a coincidence that the most recent annual summit between the European Union (EU) and China was on Valentine’s Day. Eurozone leaders are trying desperately to woo their Chinese counterparts in the hope of securing some bail-out money. Indeed many European commentators […]

My latest spiked review on technocratic thinking is listed on Arts & Letters today.

Robert H Frank’s The Darwin Economy tells us little useful about the economy, but it does provide a frightening glimpse into the democracy-averse mindset of our rulers. Read my latest review for spiked here.

Is British decline, or that of the western world more generally, a bad thing? Many Britons would without hesitation say it is but the answer is not so straightforward. After more than three tough economic years it is not surprising that pessimism is so strong. The chaos in the eurozone has unnerved many Europeans. But […]

There follows the English language text of my article on the eurozone published German in Novo online on Monday. Much of the discussion of the eurozone crisis bears as much resemblance to reality as a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It recounts a moralistic battle of good versus evil rather than attempting a reasoned examination of […]

I will be speaking at several events during my upcoming Australian tour. This is a listing of those open to the public: One Just World forum on “closing the poverty gap”. 6.30pm, Friday 9 March at Hamilton Public School in Newcastle, NSW. Europe’s Existential Funk: An examination of a continent in crisis. 6pm-8pm, Monday 12 […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. Some influential figures are suggesting a novel solution to Britain’s economic plight: it should become more like Germany. Although the German economy does have some enviable strengths such calls should be treated warily. The German economy is not as strong as is often assumed. Indeed an […]

Viele Diskussionen über die Krise der Eurozone haben einen ähnlichen Realitätsgehalt wie die Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm… My article for Novo on the eurozone crisis is available here (in German / auf Deutsch).

I have contributed a chapter to London After Recession, a collection on the impact of the economic crisis on the city, which is due out in August.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. Given Britain’s obsession with the second world war it is perhaps surprising that the surge of Germany’s profile in European politics has attracted little comment. Few on this side of the Channel seem to have noticed the extent to which Germany has raised its profile in […]