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Forget fairness

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30 Jan 2012

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. “That’s so unfair”. The familiar shriek of teenagers when exasperated by their parents. Politicians also seem to have taken it up with fervour when discussing contemporary capitalism. Earlier this month the leaders of both Britain’s main political parties were at it. David Cameron, the prime minister, […]

This piece was originally written as a blog post for The first and last paragraphs can be ignored by the general reader as they are aimed at the publication’s readers. The more general point, about how even Republican presidential candidates are anxious about prosperity, is of broader interest. Anyone who advises individuals on wealth […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. What is the impact of the eurozone crisis likely to be on the rest of the world? Much commentary in recent months has focused on the 17 countries that use the euro but relatively little has discussed the broader effect of the region’s woes. There are […]

The extent to which the current crisis is being explained as a consequence of the timeless problems of finance is astounding. There is of course nothing inherently wrong with studying the history of money. But it is a mistake to draw sweeping conclusions about the economy as a whole based solely, or even largely, on […]

This is the final box from my recent Fund Strategy cover story Just as the eurozone crisis is not all about sovereign debt it is wrong to see the Lehman Brothers collapse as just a banking crisis. Too many people see the problems that erupted on Wall Street in 2008 as entirely the fault of […]

This is a box for my recent Fund Strategy cover story. I will paste the final box tomorrow. Bazooka. Popular term for a large sum of money used to underpin a bail-out of troubled national debt. European Banking Authority (EBA). The EU’s London-based banking regulator. Responsible for such tasks at the stress testing of EU […]

This is the main text for my recent Fund Strategy cover story included links to the articles cited (see 16 January post). I will paste the text for the boxes over the next couple of days. The eurozone financial crisis is usually seen as one of sovereign debt as opposed to the banking crisis that […]

My Fund Strategy cover story on eurozone banks appeared on the Real Clear Markets portal yesterday.

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. There is an obvious riposte to last week’s Perspective column in which I attacked what I called “debt fetishism”. Although some political figures, most notably David Cameron, can be criticised for their debt obsession there are other influential voices who oppose this view. Barack Obama is […]

Fund Strategy has published a cover story by me on the role of banks in the eurozone crisis. I will post the text in the next few days.