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Both supporters and opponents of the Occupy movement are labouring under the misconception that the recent wave of anti-capitalist protests is somehow leftist or radical. If they looked more closely they would see that such anti-capitalists are more conservative than the most ardent shire Tories. It is true that perhaps the most photographed banner outside […]

This is my latest Perspective column for Fund Strategy. The Arab spring that erupted late last year reintroduced the concept of political risk to emerging economies. For many years western investors were almost solely interested in the business and market prospects of the countries in which they invested. They paid little attention to the potential […]

Yet another elite figure supporting the Occupy protests. This time Ed Miliband, the leader of Britain’s Labour party, writing in today’s Observer.

Last night I debated Julian Assange and other supporters of the #Occupy movement at the Frontline Club in London. You can read a report of the event by Patrick Hayes on spiked here and watch a video recording here (5 November update: I have added a new link as the old one was disconnected). I […]

My report on Greek austerity for Fund Strategy magazine is on the Real Clear Markets portal today.