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This is my latest book review in the Financial Times. It is hard to separate any discussion of currencies from that of national economies and, ultimately, politics. A weak currency quickly raises awkward questions about the strength of the underlying economy and the political power of that state. In the case of the dollar, the […]

This video features me debating Mark Williamson, the director of Action for Happiness, on the Worldbytes citizen TV channel. The presenter is Luke Gittos.

There follows my latest blog post for Fundweb. There is no chance that Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, can live up to the hype about promoting economic growth if Labour is ever re-elected. Labour shares with the other main parties a lack of understanding of what achieving growth requires. Much was made of the “plan […]

This is my regular weekly Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. Anyone of a fragile disposition is likely to have suffered from frayed nerves over the past three years. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 the world seems to have been trapped in a permanent state of crisis. For the first year […]

This is my regular weekly Perspective column for Fund Strategy magazine. You have no doubt seen or heard it many times. A financial pundit appears on a breakfast news programme after several days of market turmoil. “What are markets telling us in this morning’s trading?”, asks the presenter. The self-proclaimed expert, like an ancient oracle, […]

This is a blog post I wrote for Fundweb, Fund Strategy’s sister website, on Britain’s discussion of banking reform. The discussion of the report by the Independent Commission on Banking, otherwise known as the Vickers Commission, reveals a crisis not so much of banking but of thinking. An elementary failure of logic means that the […]

This is the first of my regular weekly articles for Fund Strategy magazine. It is hard to see how the eurozone’s economic crisis can be tackled without resolving what could be called “the German paradox”. The eurozone model is built on two incompatible goals: fiscal discipline and the drive towards European integration. Within the eurozone […]

This is me debating the prospects for the eurozone on the CrossTalk programme on the Russia Today TV channel.

An article (free registration required) in yesterday’s Financial Times (FT) appeared to show a more conclusive link between London’s recent riots and poverty than previous attempts.  The FT analysed unpublished court papers to find the addresses of 300 suspects and then mapped them to their respective areas of London. According to the newspaper: “Overall, two-thirds […]

It is striking how many British households of working age have no direct personal connection with the labour market. In that respect at least they are marginalised from mainstream society. According to statistics published this week by the Office for National Statistics some 18.8% of working age households (where at least one person is aged […]