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Dominique Moïsi, a special adviser to the French Institute for International Relations, has written an interesting comment piece in today’s Financial Times comparing the riots in Britain this year with those in France in 2005 (free registration may be required to read). I am not endorsing his entire argument but some of the differences he […]

Rather than discuss Britain’s riots in general terms I want to focus here on the explanations that relate to the themes in Ferraris for All. That is to look at the arguments that blame the riots on inequality, poverty, public spending cuts, greed and similar factors. I should emphasise that my critique of economic explanations […]

Yesterday’s Financial Times included two features praising the German labour market. Maurice Glasman, a Labour peer, and Duncan Weldon, an economist, lauded the German system in which workers have accepted reductions in their working hours. Ralph Atkins and Matt Steinglass described how unemployment rates in Germany and the Netherlands have remained relatively low thanks to […]

It is hard to resist despair at the poor quality of media coverage of recent financial and economic events in the eurozone and America. Supposed experts fixate on the extremely short-term including such indicators as stockmarket movements, sometimes even over minutes, and monthly employment figures from America. I can confidently say that such indicators reveal […]

I will be giving speeches in Germany and Greece in two satellite events for this year’s Battle of Ideas festival in London.  On the evening of Wednesday 12 October I will take part in the “great population debate”  in Berlin and on the evening of Tuesday 25 October I will speak on  “Is Greece ready […]