Comparison with US “flash mobs”

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14 Aug 2011

A post on Sean Collins’ American Situation blog helps continue the theme of comparisons between rioting in Britain and potential for it in other countries. After mentioning various violent “flash mob” attacks in Philadelphia and other parts of America he goes on to say:

“While a disturbing trend, such flash mob violence doesn’t add up to the scale of the UK riots. You certainly have atomization, social alienation and a lack of true community in America. But there are two important factors at work in Britain that don’t seem to be as strong here:  first, while welfare dependency exists, government welfare policy has not been so widespread and intrusive as in Britain; and second, the police here do not seem as demoralized as they are on the other side of the Atlantic.”

Collins’ post is a critique of a New York Times comment by Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen which blamed spending cuts for the riots.