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Today I appeared on the Russia Today TV channel to discuss the significance of the appointment of Christine Lagarde as the new heard of the International Monetary Fund.

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy magazine. There can be few discussions as dissatisfying as that of inflation. The vast bulk of it can be reduced to a simple tautology: rising prices cause rising prices. From learned experts to junior journalists it is common to hear such arguments. Rising energy prices are causing […]

I am away this weekend so I will post my Fund Strategy comment (on the meaning of inflation) on Tuesday.

My review of William Holstein’s The Next American Economy has appeared in the FT Wealth section of today’s Financial Times (free registration may be required to view).

This is my latest comment for Fund Strategy. The debate about whether British politicians need a Plan B for the economy is nonsensical: they do not even have a Plan A. Offloading as much responsibility as possible on to the Bank of England is the closest any party gets to a coherent idea. None of Britain’s main […]

Shanghai Daily has published my response to the critical article on Ferraris for All by Wang Yong, the newspaper’s comment editor. I am not sure if the guy with the mortar board and Ferrari in the accompanying illustration is meant to be me. I have also pasted the text of the article below. WALKING along […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. The significance of Germany’s decision to relinquish nuclear power is being grossly underestimated. It is astonishing that Europe’s largest economy is voluntarily giving up an important source of energy. Even worse, it is a striking example of the culture of risk aversion that has gripped the western […]

I do not intend to turn this into a Middle East blog (see 6 June post) but this survey by Williams & Associates of Massachusetts includes fascinating opinion poll data on Egypt: 89% of Egyptians say the country is going in the right direction. 49% see the current economic situation as very bad and 32% […]

My debate at the Battle of Ideas 2010 with Tim Jackson, the author of Prosperity without growth?, is now available to watch on video.

My recent article on the causes of the Arab Spring has appeared on the RealClearWorld website (the sister portal of RealClearMarkets).