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Today I appeared on CBC’s The Current to discuss the future of the International Monetary Fund (see second post of 29 May). You can listen to the recording here.

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. One of the most peculiar aspects of contemporary political debate is the widespread insistence that free market ideas are dominant. Whether or not an economy based on such policies would be desirable it is a poor description of what actually exists. I was reminded about this prejudice […]

My CrossTalk debate the future of the International Monetary Fund on the Russia Today television channel. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it was beset with technical problems.

My blog post on “five reasons why the IMF should be scrapped” (see yesterday’s post) is on the RealClearMarkets site.

After writing two brief articles calling for the abolition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) I have found myself embroiled in a global debate on the subject. I am due to appear on the Russia Today television channel and CBC radio’s The Current. It all started when I wrote a comment on the subject for […]

Three recent mentions I have not mentioned on this blog so far: – A Swedish translation of my recent spiked review on neo-liberalism appeared in Voltaire magazine (h/t Nathalie Rothschild). – An article (headline and standfirst only) by me on the theme of “Growth is good”  in the American edition of Ode magazine for June. […]

Abolish the IMF

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23 May 2011

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. It would be far better if the discussion of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s legacy had focused on economics rather than sex. In the event it is grotesquely wrong on both counts. To be clear, the sexual assault charges against Strauss-Kahn relate to what are essentially acts of ­violence. If […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. Much as I hate Manchester United I have to concede they have done at least one thing right. Taking a long-termist attitude towards their manager has helped them achieve considerable success. It is easily forgotten that it took Alex Ferguson more than three years before he won his […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. The likely global surge in the sale of state assets, with many countries desperate to reduce their fiscal deficits, raises the question of privatisation’s significance. There is an immense amount of confusion about what it represents. Probably the biggest misconception is that it is driven by ideological motives. […]

My latest spiked review on the myth of neo-liberalism is listed on Arts & Letters today.