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Limits to environmentalism 3 and Limits to environmentalism 4, Politicalclimate blog, by Matthew Lockwood. After a gap of over a year Matthew Lockwood, an associate director at the Institute for Public Policy Research, has written two more parts to his critique of Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth. For links to parts one and two see […]

There belatedly follows my comment from the 21 March issue of Fund Strategy in which I discuss evidence showing that Britain’s official statistics have for many years underestimated the impact of inflation. One important implication of this is that real incomes have fallen even further than previously realised. A follow-up story in the Guardian by […]

The Financial Times published my review of Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia last Friday. Free registration may be required to view the link.

GetAbstract has produced a five page summary of Ferraris for All. The company produces summaries of thousands of business books and makes them available on numerous platforms.

Back in Britain

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29 Mar 2011

I have returned to Britain and am hoping to post more frequently from now on. More to come today and tomorrow.


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20 Mar 2011

Apologies for the lack of posting but I have been working on medium and longer term projects. Hopefully some of the results will be available before too long. One piece available to read already is my recent blog post entitled “Japan’s magnificent resilience” on the Fund Strategy website (now rebranded fundweb). In broad terms it […]

I was particularly pleased to see that Tyler Cowen, one of America’s best-known economists, has recommended Ferraris for All on his Marginal Revolution blog. His recent e-book, The Great Stagnation, has stirred up a lot of debate among economists and sounds really interesting – unfortunately I do not have a kindle so I cannot get […]

This is my comment from the latest Fund Strategy. Those without the time to read several newspapers may have missed last week’s heated semi-public row within Britain’s elite about reform of the banking system. Given the importance of the financial sector to Britain’s markets and economy it is an important debate to follow. The spat […]

Spiked is 10 years old today. The online publication, for which I am proud to be a contributor, is a unique advocate for prosperity, freedom and progress. Of the 10 most popular articles over the past decades (with a cavat that the statistics are not perfect) the two most directly relevant to growth scepticism were […]

This is my latest weekly comment from Fund Strategy. For anyone who remembers the investment world of the 1990s there are clear signs suggesting a technology bubble could be inflating. Not only is it fund managers’ favourite sector, judging by the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey, but recent deals have the whiff of […]