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Branko Milanovic on economic inequality between nations and peoples, the Browser, interview by Anna Blundy. The author of a new book on inequality and World Bank economist recommends books by John Rawls, John Hobson, Angus Maddison, Paul Bairoch and Aldo Schiavone. The inequality that matters, the American Interest, by Tyler Cowen. Argues that the key […]

Although most of the hundreds of papers presented at last week’s American Economics Association annual meeting are unlikely to interest non-specialists there are some exceptions. These include those in the sessions on economics as a moral science (with papers by Anthony Atkinson, Benjamin Friedman and Robert Shiller), what’s wrong (and right) with economics (including contributions […]

Those looking for facts to show how the world is generally improving look like having another excellent source of information. Charles Kenny’s Getting Better follows the likes of Indur Goklany, Bjorn Lomborg and Matt Ridley in showing how prosperity is benefiting humanity. For those particularly interested in the third world his work should be especially […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. Brazil’s imposition of capital controls last week has a broader significance than is generally appreciated. Not only does it show the destabilising consequences of slow growth in the West, it also illustrates how marginal free market economics has become. Economic atrophy in the West has created a […]

Back in action

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9 Jan 2011

I have spent the past two weeks or so taking a break and thinking about future plans. More on the latter when the arrangements are firmer but my immediate priority is my debate in Birmingham on Tuesday evening. In the meantime there follows some interesting references I have stumbled across in the past few days: […]