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16 Jan 2011

Branko Milanovic on economic inequality between nations and peoples, the Browser, interview by Anna Blundy. The author of a new book on inequality and World Bank economist recommends books by John Rawls, John Hobson, Angus Maddison, Paul Bairoch and Aldo Schiavone.

The inequality that matters, the American Interest, by Tyler Cowen. Argues that the key inequality to be concerned with relates to financial markets.

Sacrificing microcredit for mega prophets, New York Times, Muhammad Yunus. One of the founders of microcredit, who won the Nobel peace prize for his work, tries to blame commercialisation for the scandals enveloping such schemes.

Happiness is (about to be) overrated, UK after the recession blog, by Rob Killick. Argues that the contemporary obsession with happiness represents a tacit recognition by the ruling elites that they have lost faith in economic development.

The new normal of unemployment, Guardian, by Dean Baker. A Keynesian call to reject the view that a decade of economic pain is inevitable.