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5 Dec 2010

Africa needs growth, not pity and big plans, Wall Street Journal, by Matt Ridley. Africa needs aid, not flawed theories, Wall Street Journal, by Bill Gates. Ridley and Gates debate the problems of Africa and climate change.

Beyond ‘dangerous’ climate change: emission scenarios for a new world, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, by Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows. This call for rationing in the West prompted much discussion including in the Daily Telegraph , Guardian and spiked.

Development debates in interesting times – is the Washington consensus on the way out or are free market solutions creeping back in?, From Poverty to Power (Oxfam blog).

The new bottom billion, Owen Abroad blog. Discussion of a new paper by Andy Sumner which argues most of the world’s poorest live in middle income countries and link to a related Development Drums podcast.

Should governments pursue happiness rather than economic growth?, Economist, debate by various parties.

How can the economy recover?, New York Review of Books, by Jeff Madrick. Review of books by Glen Hubbard & Peter Navarro, Anatole Kaletsky and Robert Reich.