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I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I will be back on 9 January.

Over-rated: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Standpoint, by Jamie Whyte. Ten key aspects of developed economies, post recession, UK After The Recession blog, by Rob Killick. Does microfinance reduce poverty? An analysis of India’s crisis, Brookings, by Arvind Panagariya. The foie gras police, Wall Street Journal Europe, by Kirk Leech. Two cheers for nature, the Chronicle Review, […]

My latest article for spiked is a review of the new Freakonomics documentary.

How a different America responded to the Great Depression, Pew Research Center, by Jodie T Allen. Opinion poll evidence suggests Americans were more optimistic in the late 1930s than they are now. A Czar is born, Claremont Review of Books, Joseph Postell. A review of books by Cass Sunstein including Nudge. Matt Ridley on technology, […]

Ferraris for All is reviewed by – and I am not making this up – Dr Ed Ferrari in People, Place and Policy Online. Evidently he is a lecturer in town and regional planning at Sheffield Hallam University.

I will be debating Professor Somnath Sen of Birmingham University at a meeting of the Birmingham Salon on the evening of 11 January. The subject will be: “Is economic growth feasible or desirable?”.

This is my last Fund Strategy comment on the year. The next issue will be published on 13 January 2011. It is generally hard to find a simple way to characterise any year. There are many competitors for the title of key event or trend. But if 2010 were to be described in one phrase, […]

What resource curse?, Foreign Policy, by Charles Kenny. A development economist argues against the idea that the discovery of resource wealth is a “curse” for the country involved. New mission for US military: break its dependence on oil, Yale Environment 360, by Louis Peck. The American military is investigating ways to conserve energy and develop […]

Microfinance – the provision of small loans to the poor – is in crisis. Anyone who is in any doubt should listen to the words of Sheikh Hasina Wajed, the prime minister of Bangladesh, as quoted (registration required) in yesterday’s Financial Times: “Microlenders make the people of this country their guinea pig,” she said. “They […]

Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, argues that nuclear fusion – the form of energy that powers that sun – really could be harnessed within two decades. Although similar predictions have been made in the past, the joke is that fusion is always 20 years away, he […]