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28 Nov 2010

Avoid US route: Indian minister says American way is ‘recipe for disaster’, the Guardian, by Jason Burke. Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, tells the British newspaper that Indians should not aim for an American lifestyle.

How to live with climate change (subscription may be required), the Economist.  The Economist argues that the best protection against global warming is global prosperity which arguing for particular emphasis on measures to adapt in relation to infrastructure, migration and food. A briefing in the same issue looks at adapting to climate change.

New evidence on Britain’s economic past, Bulletin of Warwick ‘s Economic Research Institute, by Stephen Broadberry and others. Argues that the Industrial Revolution, and therefore the period of modern economic growth, took hold much earlier than generally believed.

David Cameron should measure mental health, not happinessGuardian – comment is free, by Oliver James. An alternative, equally misguided, take on the happiness debate.