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16 Nov 2010

Ireland still has the power to make itself a country worth living in, the Observer, by Fintan O’Toole. The assistant editor of the Irish Times argues the Ireland should embrace “ethical austerity”. I suspect that will be even more painful than regular austerity.

Government ‘planning to measure people’s happiness‘, BBC. For a critique of this trend see Frank Furedi’s article in spiked.

The EU connection in climate research, Policy Review (Hoover Institution – Stanford University),  by John Rosenthal.  How the European Union finances climate alarmism and the WWF in particular.

GM mosquitoes wipe out dengue fever in trialNature. A possible way of tackling a debilitating disease.

The future of biofuels: the post-alcohol world, the Economist. Investigating a new generation of biofuels.

How to have sex (sustainably and ethically)Ecologist, by Elfion Rees. No comment!