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9 Nov 2010

No “articles of note” for a while and then two come along at once:

Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on, the Australian, by Oliver Marc Hartwich. A critique of environmentalism’s worship of nature.

Fair trade does not help the poor, report says, Daily Telegraph, by Harry Wallop. Discusses a report from the Institute of Economic Affairs which criticises fair trade. The Guardian carried a piece more hostile to the report.

Geo-engineering faces ban, Nature, by Jeff Tollefson. Participants at the International Convention in Biodiversity included a moratorium on geoengineering in their agreement. Although it is not legally binding it could sow confusion and delay.

What the greens really got wrong, by Ben Pile. The Climate Resistance blogger’s take on the Channel 4 spat between environmentalists.

Foreign aid for scoundrels , New York Review of Books, by William Easterly. Argues that international aid donors still do not care about democracy in recipient countries.