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This is the latest post in my ongoing debate with Tim Jackson. Tim Jackson and I seem destined to live in a state of mutual puzzlement judging by his latest blog post. He frequently misrepresents or misunderstands my arguments. I have no doubt about his sincerity so I do not see such actions as deliberate. […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. A clear lesson from this year’s eurozone turmoil is that the European Union (EU) should be abolished. It is not the fundamental cause of the economic problems facing Europe but it only makes matters worse. The most important objection to the EU is its undemocratic character. Unelected […]

Some useful recent reports – all to be taken critically. From austerity to prosperity: Seven priorities for the long term. McKinsey. New times, new connections: civil society action on climate change, Green Alliance, by Faye Scott. The State of African Cities 2010: Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Markets, UN-Habitat. World Energy Outlook 2010. International Energy […]

Avoid US route: Indian minister says American way is ‘recipe for disaster’, the Guardian, by Jason Burke. Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, tells the British newspaper that Indians should not aim for an American lifestyle. How to live with climate change (subscription may be required), the Economist.  The Economist argues that the best protection […]

Those following the online exchange between myself and Tim Jackson might be interested to know that the original debate at the Battle of Ideas on 31 October is available to listen to online.  An audio recording of my debate on bankers on bonuses on 4 October is also available.

A few things following on from the announcement by David Cameron , Britain’s prime minister, that the government plans to measure well-being from April. * Cameron distinguished between General Well-Being and Gross Domestic Product back in 2006. Yet another example, if any are needed, of how mainstream such ideas are. * Diane Coyle made the useful […]

The latest spiked Review of Books includes an extended version of my review of Anatole Kaletsky’s Capitalism 4.0. Several other pieces in the issue are relevant to growth scepticism including reviews by Sean Collins (on Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom), Brendan O’Neill (on Anthony Burgess’ The Wanting Seed) and Rob Lyons (on Simon Fairlie’s book on meat […]

Om onze problemen op het gebied van maatschappij en milieu op te lossen, moeten we de economische groei niet afremmen, maar juist versnellen. Een pleidooi tegen soberheid. My article on the benefits of growth for the Dutch edition of Ode magazine is now available online.

Tim Jackson has written a new blog post in the exchange following our debate at the recent Battle of Ideas conference. Please feel free to respond on the Earthscan site. I plan to write my response within the coming week and post it on this blog. The two of us are also appearing, among others, on […]

I will be in the first episode of the new series of the BBC Radio 4 In Business programme to be broadcast at 8.30pm on Thursday and repeated 9.30pm on Sunday. It will look at the debate about economic growth. The programme will also be available to listen to on the internet and downloadable on […]